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Having been a fag hag since the age of 13, I’ve gotten along with third sex very well. That’s why I find it amazing that after I turned 30 and had kids I’ve found that women are not so bad to have as friends. I find it amazing that they actually want to hang out with me! I am proud of myself whenever I find myself at a girl’s night out because I never used to do that when I was single.
Tina’s birthday is coming up and we’ve been bugging her to treat us at The Last Chukker.
Chukker is one of Jeroen’s and my favorite place to eat—but you have to be a member of the Manila Polo Club to eat there. So basically we’re at the mercy of my parents if we want to have our favorite steak and pizza.
Last night a bunch of us girls had dinner there—with two orders of four-cheese pizza, six orders of steaks al burro, Cokes and Cokes Zeroes, and dessert.

Tina, the birthday girl


The best four-cheese pizza baked in a woodfire oven


Too bad they don’t serve this on a hot plate, because it is so divine. The best part are the little morsels of fat in that little sauce dish.


Chocolate cake and tiramisu


Bread pudding


Patty hamming it up like a model (Jeroen, please find her a tall Dutch date!!)


Grace and Keri


Us girls (with no intention to diet right now)

Me, TIna, Abet, Patty, Keri

Finished this off with Chuvaness swag from M&Ms


If I were so rich, I would buy this restaurant. Yum.


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