Fashion and medical advice from the Hensons
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I’ve known Gerard Henson since high school but didn’t know we were relatives until I saw his family at the Grand Zamora reunion in 2013.
Gerard wasn’t actually at the reunion because he was in Tokyo with his wife Tere and children Rafa and Gabbie.
Like the van Stratens, the Hensons make a bi-annual pilgrimage to Tokyo. The love of Tokyo—that’s where we found an instant connection.
Gerard and Tere are two of the kindest and most fashionable doctors you will ever meet. Gerard is a surgeon, while Tere is an OB-Gyne.

Dr. Tere Henson
Dra. Henson on her day off

Last week, my son had a medical emergency. I took him to Dr. Gerard to remove a cyst on his wrist.
Dr. was awfully kind explaining the situation on a Boogie Board, that my son’s fears quickly melted away.

Markus and Dr. Henson

My son is in his school’s varsity basketball team, but I still get nervous every time he comes home with a symptom. Last night he had chest pains which he rated 6/10. I was on the verge of taking him to the ER when I decided to do a quick text to Dr. Henson.


The funny thing is, at the same time, Dra. Henson was also texting me about a completely different topic:


It came at the right time because I was having my own fashion emergency and getting bored with my own closet. So after giving my son Alaxan and sending him to bed two hours later, I googled Off-White by Virgil Abloh and found a genius.


Would never have found Off-White if not for Dra. Tere, who also taught me the joys of Isetan Shinjuku and Marques Almeida.
I am grateful for these two.

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