Failure to vote: a first for me
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Last May 10, 2010, I voted for Manny Villar at Xavier School, Greenhills and took this photo with my Blackberry.

Election day

That same day, I hosted a Losers dinner party at home because most of my friends were either for Gibo or Villar.
This was the delicious lechon I served that day.

Cebu lechon

Many people came to the house to wait for the results. There were people in my living room, courtyard and roof deck.
One of my friends, Catherine Aquino, was there. She was the only one who voted for Noynoy.
All these people can attest that I voted last May 10, 2010.

On May 14, 2007, I also voted at Xavier School, Greenhills and took this picture.

Yes, I voted

Check out my ballot:

My ballot

As a believer of plastic surgery, I voted BANAT. I also voted Victor Wood, for old time’s sake (Photo: Manila Mommy)

victor wood

This year I was hoping to vote again in Greenhills, even though ABS-CBN’s Halalan app doubted that I could

Halalan app

I had to find out for myself.
So I left the house at 3 PM and made it to Xavier School with no traffic.
My name could not be found on the bulletin boards even as I double checked all the lists

Elections 2013

The following Zamoras, I found.

voter's listZamoras in voters' list
Zamoras in voters' list
Zamoras in voters' list
Zamoras in voters' list

But not me. So they wouldn’t let me vote.
On the way out I checked with these women who had another list—they found my name!

Elections 2013

One of the women, Memia, escorted me to a help desk inside the gym where they also found my name.

Elections 2013

But I still couldn’t vote. So one of the men at the help desk called up Comelec San Juan to ask why my name wasn’t showing in the my precint 0217A.
The Comelec people said my name wasn’t there because I didn’t vote in 2010! Which is ridiculous because I was there!! I swear to God, why would I take a picture and not vote?

Election day

All the guests in the Losers Party knew I voted for Villar!!
So yes, I am disappointed, though I know I’m not the only one. I feel sad for everyone who tried to vote but couldn’t.
Meanwhile, there are people who are registered and didn’t vote for whatever reason, and people who are dead and are still registered!
Missing one or two elections shouldn’t disqualify you from voting. What if you were sick or having chemo?
My husband hasn’t voted in the Netherlands for the last 10 years, yet he was still registered to vote this 2013!
So who the hell decides who can and who cannot vote in the Philippines and what will they do to fix it??

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