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Over dinner at Mamou, Ginggay expressed disappointment over the last movie I recommended (Chalet Girl) so I have to redeem myself by recommending something worth downloading.
Steve Soboslai sings in an American band called Punchline. More than five years ago, he met Dana Kinsey at a gig and continued an online long-distance friendship over five years. Emphasis on friendship.

L-R: Punchline’s Chris Fafalios, Steve Soboslai, Paul Menotiades, and Cory Muro

Dana Kinsey
Object of desire: Dana Kinsey

Five years later, Steve gets an opportunity to tell Dana how he really feels about her through a flash mob organized by Howie Mandel and his Mobbed team.
Faced with a mob of hundreds, will Dana accept Steve’s proposition to go to the next level?

Mobbed Dana and Steve

Mobbed Dana and Steve

If you love romance and surprises, I seriously am asking you to search and download Mobbed, Episode 3.
(Hint: Try

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They were such a cute couple.  The guy was cute and the girl was very pretty.  If they do end up those will make for heartbreaker children. 



dude that guys is a dweeb.. that girl is a coo arse chick, check out her twitter, totally bad arse