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It’s three days before elections and I’m scared.
I just downloaded ABS-CBN’s Halalan app from the Google Play store.

Halalan app Halalan app

Upon clicking My Status, here’s what I got:

Halalan app

I don’t remember missing an election, unless it happened when I was studying in New York???
I voted in the last presidential election and the one before that.
Here’s a picture I took last May 10, 2010 at Xavier School, Greenhills, San Juan, where I’ve been voting since I was 18.

Election day

I really hope this is just a glitch in the Halalan app. Otherwise, I’m going to be very disappointed on May 13th. (please let me know if you have the same problem)
The app is great to download now because it acts a handy cheat sheet on who to vote for.
Here’s mine (feel free to copy):

2013-05-10 23.44.41 Halalan app Halalan app

You don’t have to vote for 12 senators. If you vote for more than 12, your ballot may be considered spoiled. So don’t screw this up.
For party list, I decided to vote in favor of the teachers, who need to get paid properly, in my opinion because they care for our children and shape their minds. It’s a tough job.

Halalan app

I tried to click on the other buttons of the app, but couldn’t see any entries for congressman, mayor, and vice mayor of San Juan. (Please let me know if you have the same problem)

Halalan app

If you’re voting in San Juan, please consider Ronny Zamora. He happens to be my favorite uncle, very brilliant, funny (ask Teddyboy Locsin), and the best man for the job (I know, shameless plugging).

crbz flyer cover

Please also consider my kinakapatid, Alan Peter Cayetano for Senator—someone I trust and believe in (tried and tested by me. I tested him and he passed, without his knowing it. Sorry I can’t elaborate, but I know he’s looking out for me.)

Alan Peter Cayetano

I was at lunch earlier with my friends talking about who we’re voting for and why. I told them to vote for Alan in exchange for one of the senators they’re voting so they told me to vote for Angara. A twitter follower also convinced me to vote for Hontiveros so I added her.
JC delos Reyes is my cousin and a good guy! I know it’s a long shot for him to win, but if you have space in your top 12, please consider him too.
So here’s a copy of my ballot so far. Please me know how the app works for you in the comments section.


To know more about the app, click HERE.

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