You had me at George Clooney
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Right now I’m crying from laughing and my eyes are slightly stinging because I had slapped on La Mer earlier.
Funny I was just thinking of Brigitte Bardot, how she used to look then and how she looks now.
See how she still fixes her hair the same way.

Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot

Growing old is a gift, but it is also very hard. I need counseling. I think I need to consult Gilda Cordero Fernando.
Personally, I’ve always looked kind of average, so I can’t imagine what it’s like to be beautiful. I don’t think I could handle it either because I’m a shrinking violet. When I was five, when my playmate told his yaya he had a crush on me, I wanted to DIE.
But I digress. Now that I’m middle aged, I feel bad about ageing—what more for those who have been famously known for their looks? (i.e. Brigitte Bardot)
That’s why this video of Dove Real Beauty Sketches talks to me.
In it, they hire a forensic artist to sketch women—first as they see themselves, and then as a third person sees them.

On the other hand, the men’s spoof version is hilarious! I didn’t expect to cry from laughing because I know a few men who are just like that. If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch till the end.
If only I had the confidence of these men.

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