Dolphy memories, Part 1: the movies
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My earliest memory of Dolphy was watching his black and white movies as a child. I remember seeing Ibong Adarna at my Tita Noly’s house in San Juan with my playmate Lia.
I remember Dolphy as Prinsipe Abante squeezing calamansi onto a self-inflicted wound to keep awake, as falling asleep would turn him into a statue of salt (or something). I loved it so much, I’m so glad I was able to buy a rare DVD, which I still have somewhere in this house.


For me, one of the best Dolphy movies is Dobol Trobol, where he played a Siamese twin of his real-life brother, Georgie Quizon. They marry the Wing Duo (a.k.a. Nikki Ross and Angela Yoingco).
I was a child then but I still remember the awkwardness of their wedding night.


I just recently rediscovered Beatnik, which someone has uploaded on YouTube. I wish somebody had thought of properly archiving our Tagalog movies from years back as they are really precious.
I love the fashion and dancing in this hilarious movie.


Wish I could see John en Marsha sa Amerika, where John wins a trip to US via a game show. Saw this during my formative years.


Also memorable to me is Ang Nanay Kong Tatay, where Doplhy plays a beauty parlor gay who ends up taking care of an orphan (NiƱo Muhlach). Wish they would have a Dolphy movie marathon for a week on TV, for Dolphy was truly a gem. There will be nobody like him again in Philippine cinema.

ang tatay kong nanay-78-dolphy-sf

All movie ads/scans were lifted from Video 48, a blog that seriously deserves an award for consistently posting on Philippine cinema since 2007.
What’s your favorite Dolphy movie?

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