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My dad traveled often to Japan when we were young, so we grew up with all these Japanese toys and stationery.
You could say my love for anything Japanese probably started with the toys.
One of the things my dad used to bring back were Miffy items, long before I came to know Hello Kitty.
The Japanese are gaga over Miffy. I myself haven’t outgrown them.


Created in 1955 by Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna, the cute little rabbit is called “Nijntje” (pronounced nein-che) in Holland. Dick Bruna, now in his 80s, continues to live and work in Utrecht with his wife.
A few years ago, Jeroen had even seen him on a bike. To me, he looks as adorable as Nijntje.

For me, it was a must to visit the Dick Bruna Huis while we were in Utrecht.
Jeroen knew the way and held my hand as we walked from our apartment in Plompetorengracht to the museum center.

This way!
Dick Bruna Huis

This gilded Nijntje will greet you at the entrance

Dick Bruna Huis

I love the cute little details against the high ceiling

Dick Bruna Huis entrance

Cuteness everywhere

Dick Bruna Huis

The space is really more for little children, not adults on their second childhood (like me).
It has a library of all the Nijntje books to read and listen to

Dick Bruna Huis

Many interactive activities for the young ones

Dick Bruna Huis
Dick Bruna Huis
Cute TV stand

all incorporated within great Dutch design

Dick Bruna huis

Of course my favorite kind of display is the kind you can buy and take home. I cannot leave a museum without stopping by the store.

awesome shop at the dick bruna huis

I got my eye on the Miffy lamps next time, for Christian’s room

miffy lamp!
Miffy lamps

I also wanted the Rietveld Junior chair, but it was bordering on the heavy

Rietveld child's chair
Rietveld child's chair

Comes in other colors

Rietveld child's chair

We bought Christian the cutest little T-shirts, and for me, just a postcard which reminded me of meā€”until friends pointed out it looks like a girl in a coffin, when I thought it looked like a girl in a greenhouse.
What’s your interpretation: girl in a glass coffin or girl in a greenhouse?
I wish I could ask Dick Bruna himself.
Dick Bruna
To know more about the Dick Bruna Huis, click HERE.

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