Dean & Deluca to open in Rockwell in 2015
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Good news for Dean & Deluca fans: the first Dean & Deluca store in the Philippines is scheduled February 2015 at Rockwell Center’s Edades Tower.
Franchised by Ms. Caroline Tanchay of Citimax group, the 187-square-meter store will include a mezzanine floor for a total of 250 square meters of space.

Dean & Deluca at Rockwell
Dean & Deluca at Rockwell

Started in New York in 1977, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca opened their first shop at the corner of Prince and Greene Street in the heart of SoHo’s gallery district.
With its high ceiling fans, white walls, and mosaic-tiled floor, the atmosphere suggested a European café culture, which became the standard for cafés to come.
In October 1988 they expanded to a flagship market at the corner of Broadway and Prince Streets, offering gourmet food in departments manned by product experts.


Even though I wasn’t into food at that time, Dean & Deluca fascinated me as a student in New York in the ’90s—
with its minimalist look, marbled floors, and stainless steel shelving.
Every time I went there to buy a $2 brownie or a small rack of lamb, it felt like I was buying myself a present.

Dean & Deluca

Since opening 30+ years ago, Dean & Deluca has expanded to retail stores and cafes in selected U.S. markets, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, the Middle East, and soon, the Philippines.
Japan alone has 14 stores—a little more than the 11 stores in the U.S.
Personally, I’ve found that Dean & Deluca is different in each country—at least the ones I’ve been to.
Nothing beats New York’s massive SoHo Market. You cannot compare it with Singapore, which is much smaller and offers more of an East-meets-West menu.
Tokyo is a whole new experience altogether because everything is cute with lots of merchandise.

Tokyo : 9 Mar 2012
Dean & Deluca at Tokyo Midtown

I don’t expect to see these in Manila

dean and deluca

but I’m hoping they’ll have these.

dean & deluca brownies

Looking forward to what Dean & Deluca will offer in the Philippines.
What Dean & Deluca products are on your wish list?

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