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We took advantage of the non-working holiday to take a day trip to Tagaytay and look at a small log cabin that’s for sale.
Jude and Jay came over at 10 AM and rode with me, Jer and the driver. I fell asleep along the way. I just love sleeping in a moving car while people are talking.


Woke up just when the rain started to pour and we arrived at Antonio’s Grill, which is probably the best Filipino restaurant in the Philippines.
That’s what I said in the car, so funny and exagg. After the meal, everyone agreed it is probably the best.
It’s nice to go there in a group and order a ton of food. Today they didn’t have chicken and bulalo (their bestseller) so we settled for pork sinigang, pork sisig, grilled liempo, lechon kawali, mixed veggies, sauteed shrimp, three cans of Coke, hot tea, and five cups of rice.
There was no rhyme or reason to our order—it was just really all about pork and being Filipino.


Piping hot sinigang is necessary when it’s cold and raining


The best liempo in the world


We didn’t finish this because the shrimps had black veins (innards) though the sauce is really good


The rain started to pour seriously and I missed my jacket. I wanted to cuddle with Jer pero bawal PDA.
On the other side of the restaurant was a long table of geriatric nuns having a feast. It looked like they had the last two servings of sizzling bulalo, which we must come back for.


They ordered all the heart stoppers. Looks like serious business. Jude was so amused. He said they had the appetite of pahinantes (construction workers, apparently)


Jay wanted dessert. We were talking about Mochiko over lunch, so I suggested we drive over the Cliffhouse for sweets.
Jay had black sesame, Jude loved his caramel, Jeroen had chocolate, I had vanilla.


Then we met the lovely owners of the log cabin that is for sale. I liked it a lot.


We looked at another place I didn’t like at all and drove back. Got home by 5 PM.

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