Davao chocolate: who knew?
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Pardon my ignorance, I didn’t know Davao was a source of good chocolate.
I came across these while Googling unique chocolate packaging (don’t ask).
Aren’t these cool though? These are Askinosie chocolate bars from a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Springfield, Missouri.

Askinosie Chocolate bar
davao chocolate bar davao chocolate bar

The Times of London named the Davao White Chocolate Nibble Bar one of the Ten Best Chocolate Bars in the World in September 2010.

Askinosie White Chocolate Bar>

Askinosie White Chocolate Bar

Founded in 2007 by former criminal defense lawyer Shawn Askinosie, the company produces single-origin dark chocolate, dark milk chocolate, and white chocolate from Soconusco, Mexico; San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador; and Davao, the Philippines.
Shawn Askinosie travels to these countries to source the cocoa beans used to make chocolate.

Askinosie chocolate

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