Gretchen’s Crocodile Tears
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Gretchen reacts to her mom’s last letter (we hope).

My thoughts:
1) Ang corny.
2) Crocodile tears? Kailangan ba talaga umiyak?
3) You’re lying na naman. Of course you love publicity.
4) Who wrote your speech?
5) “Maaalala ni Dominique na, my mom never fought. And that’s what’s important to me, Boy. Yun ang important. That’s what I want to leave behind.” (Duwag?? Parang it’s wrong?)
6) She’s back on The Buzz?
7) You had me at Mary Katranzou. I prefer this dress to Toni’s. Or Boy’s.
Mary Katrantzou at

That’s it. We’re done! Out of here!!

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