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On Sunday, Twitter was all about the girl who cried gang bang or “rape”.
It’s insignificant “model” Amanda Coling vs. four members of the Philippine National Football team, better known as the Azkals.

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She made the rounds of all the gossip shows, including Showbiz Central with Pia Guanio.
This is painful to watch (read: very long)

She explains why she decided after one month to come out and cry rape—cause she was dropped out of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women, presumably after the rape rumors came out.
But her credibility is whacked as this surfaces on Facebook (read: scary).
Disclaimer: Phil Younghusband is not one of the Azkals implicated in the case.

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So please let this issue die. The issue became really tired by Sunday night. I just really wanted to say, she doesn’t sound like a victim. This is not Jodie Foster in The Accused.
Yung lang poe.

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