Courtroom suicide caught on camera
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Every times I hear of someone committing suicide, I think about what else a person can do if they feel like their life has ended and nobody cares.
I think that if one is in the depths of despair you need to take care of yourself, whether it’s a bottle of Coke, your favorite ice cream, or a trip out of town. A nap helps a lot. A bubble a bath (not Whitney Houston style, RIP). A retreat? Or buy yourself a present. Talk to a friend. Go to church. Get a massage. See a doctor. Check in at the hospital. Anything but suicide.
But for Michael Marin—convicted arsonist who burned his house because he couldn’t pay his mortgage—it appears he just wanted out the minute he was served a guilty verdict in court.
Watch as he seems to slip some poison into his system and dies in this video.

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