Couplings and uncouplings
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Kris and Herbert
When Kris Aquino announced she was dating former actor and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, I actually thought they made a cute couple and thought that maybe they would last “forever” like she said.


She looked really happy.

Kris dinner

A few days later my hairdresser told me that Kris had cut her hair. Then I found out Kris and Herbert had already broken up.


Tonight my nurse told me Kris’s peg for cutting her hair was Anne Hathaway.
Ooookay….I have no further comments, your Honor.

Anne Hathaway

Zsa Zsa Padilla and Conrad Onglao
I can’t remember who told me these two were dating, but whoever told me also said, “Buti pa si Zsa Zsa. Isang blind date lang may jowa na.” (“Lucky Zsa Zsa. She got a boyfriend after one blind date.”)
I know who Zsa Zsa is obviously. She came to fame in 1984 after singing that Nescafe jingle.

In 1989 she famously eloped with Dolphy, who was 36 years older and left Alma Moreno behind.
I remember it being the biggest scandal at the time.

Dolphy Alma Zsa Zsa

To her credit Zsa Zsa loved Dolphy till his last breath at the age of 83.
Two years later, Zsa Zsa is now partnered with architect Conrad Onglao, whom she met through a blind date arranged by Sharon Cuneta.
Writes Thelma San Juan: “Zsa Zsa and Conrad set their date through text messages. Zsa Zsa didn’t know who Conrad was, except that he is an architect. Conrad didn’t and still doesn’t know show biz. Both move in disparate worlds…Zsa Zsa didn’t know of Conrad’s credentials until they Googled each other before their blind date. Now, quite impressed with his achievements, she fondly calls him ‘my rock star.'”

Prior to their coupling, I also wouldn’t know what Conrad Onglao looks like. Here’s a photo of him grabbed from The FashPack.

Conrad Onglao

Okay, not bad for a talented, successful, older man. But this is reality.

Zsa Zsa and Conrad

That said, I’m happy for both of them even though I don’t know either of them. I do think they look good together.
Oh, and nice house 🙂

Zsa Zsa and Conrad

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin
Never since John Kennedy Jr. coupled with Carolyn Bessette in 1994 and married in 1996 has there been another couple that looks so perfect—individually and together. These pictures, taken before their tragic death in 1999, look as if they could’ve been taken yesterday. Their style is timeless.

Carolyn and John Kennedy

And now there’s George Clooney and Amal Alumuddin.
We all know George Clooney is perfect (even though he’s not my type).

George Clooney in Michael Clayton

After a failed marriage and dating the typical actresses, models and cocktail waitress, he’s finally proposed to a 36-year-old Lebanese lawyer whose work includes issues related to Syria, drones and Wikileaks.
To me, she looks so perfect.


Not only does she look perfect, she sounds perfect.
It’s a good thing George isn’t my type, otherwise sarap patayin.

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