Could Max Alvarado be Baste’s real father?
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If you’re an old soul like me who grew up watching TV in the ’70s, you’d definitely know who Max Alvarado is.
He was the ultimate mean guy who played the villain for over 60 years in Philippine cinema.
Sadly Max, he died a bit early at the of 68 in 1997.
Meanwhile, presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte is 28 years old. His mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman, is Jewish American by ethnicity, which explains Baste’s mestizo looks.
The surf-loving dude looked rather cute when he was younger


But the older and he gets, the more he looks like Max Alvarado.
Just take a look at those lips and eyebrows

Max and Baste

The sinister smile with crow’s feet

Max and Baste

That squinty stare with the badass outfit

Max and Baste

And the natural irresistibility to the opposite sex.

Max and Baste.

Resemblance is uncanny.
Like father, like son?

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