Commercial muna: Here are the Doña Maria “Level Up Your Rice” winners
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Last March 11, we posted a contest sponsored by Doña Maria rice where winners would get cash prizes, gift packs, and a chance to meet Alden Richards.
Contestants were invited to create a dish using Doña Maria rice and post them in their Instagram accounts.

Here are the three lucky winners who will each get Php 10,000 cash, Doña Maria rice, and a VIP pass to meet Alden Richards:

Doña Maria winners

Nine minor prize winners will get Php 5,000 cash and Doña Maria rice:

Doña Maria winners

Plus one more special award goes to @cookieandrei, who sent this entry:

andrea mae olivar

Winners, please check your DMs via Instagram.
Thank to everyone who took time to create amazing dishes using Doña Maria Rice!
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