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A few years ago, when we wanted food delivery, our options were limited to fast food from Shakey’s, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Jollibee. Max’s was an option, but I usually call Mann Hann.
City Delivery changed that when they introduced multi-restaurant delivery in the Philippines.
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Now you can order Lola Ising’s Adobo Rice from Café Adriatico, Chicken with Cashew Nuts from Jatujak, or even Garlic Beef Pepper Rice from Pepper Lunch—depending on your location.
Choose from over 300 partner restaurants and place your orders without waiting in long queues or experiencing busy lines. Just call 87878 or go to

Now, if you have an iPhone, download and order via City Delivery’s new app.
Designed for people on the go, the app is free for download and it gives you the convenience of ordering food without having to call or log on the internet.

Ordering is as easy as this:

1) Select one from over 300 restaurant partners from the merchant list

City delivery app

2) Select the branch nearest you

City Delivery app

3) Choose and add items to your food cart.

City Delivery app

Feel your mouth water (I’m serious).

City Delivery app

4) Review your orders in the Food Cart. Select Checkout when you’re ready.
5) If you’re not logged in, a command box will ask you to do so.
6) Fill out your delivery and payment information.
7) Review the details. Select Submit to finalize.
8) Wait for the call from a customer service representative to confirm your order.

Check out What’s New in City Delivery’s app.
Unfortunately no app yet for Android, and City Delivery tells me they’re tweaking the app to eventually include a search list per area.
Download it HERE

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