Cinemalaya is alive and well
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Saturday night Jude and I went to the Cultural Center to watch Quark Henares’ Rakenrol.

Rakenrol at CCP

Mabuhay ang Cinemalaya.
I dunno why, I’ve been such a hermit lately, but I love coming here. I should’ve made an effort to see more entries.

Cinemalaya at CCP

Once again I’m happy to report that the CCP has many decent/clean restrooms. Whoever is running this place can also run NAIA. There are really no more excuses for NAIA.
So many people came out for Quark Henares’ last movie before he flies back to Los Angeles to study the business of filmmaking.

Cinemalaya at CCP
Rakenrol at CCP

This queue reminds me of Chris Botti in Tokyo

Queueing for Rakenrol
Queueing for Rakenrol

Hmmmm….ang guapo ni Quark.
Quark just arrived from L.A. where he was, apparently, for four days. He came home for the screening, then he’s back to L.A. Hmmmm…..parang Hong Kong lang.

Quark Henares

I could not resist the XL Rakenrol tees. Before the movie it was being sold for Php 400.
After the movie, Php 450 na!

Rakenrol tees

Spotted: lead actor Jason Abalos

Jason Abalos

Diego and Ge Mapa

Diego and Ge Mapa

Erwin Romulo

Erwin Romulo

Jay Lozada and Angel Aquino, who is gorgeous as ever

Jay Lozada, Angel Aquino

Mich Dulce looks amazing, kaya naman nilalanggam. Ateh, dalaga ka na!!

Mich Dulce, dalaga ka na

25″ waistline with corset

Mich's waistline

I love her hat

Mich Dulce

Mich and Jude later cornered Roderick Paulate, who is so nice!

Mich, Roderick, Jude

Movie time

CCP lights

This is Rakenrol

Rakenrol poster

After Rakenrol, there was an even bigger crowd waiting to watch Cinemalaya’s last feature at 11:35 PM—Zombadings.
So yes, dear reader, Cinemalaya is alive, well, and kicking.

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