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My friend Tere is an in-demand OB-Gyne, while I consider myself part-time blogger, part-time mom.
Tere and I have talked about what we would like to do if we didn’t have our present jobs.
Both of us secretly want to work at Comme des Garçons. Obviously my designing days are over. But would I love to be a salesperson at Comme des Garçons.
Just look at these girls at Dover Street Market Ginza (with my passport and purchases).

Dover Street Market girls

At left is Dr. Tere with one of my fashion idols, Kumiko Sato who works at Comme des Garçons Aoyama, the mothership.

Tere and Kumiko

So during my birthday last month, I dressed like a Comme des Garçons staff (sorry no makeup yet!).

Cecile Zamora van Straten

That night I had a conversation with Jappy Gonzalez, Managing Director at H&F Retail Concepts, which operates Comme des Garçons in the Philippines, about my secret desire to work at Comme des Garçons.
The Universe has funny ways of giving me what I want because I am a very lucky girl.
Jappy suggested having a Chuvaness shopping event at Comme des Garçons Rockwell. Much as I tried to act calm and collected while we were talking about it, I was really screaming inside!!
I just didn’t want to tell my friends right away because I wasn’t sure if Jappy was serious. A week later, Jappy and I met up at Cibo Shang to talk about the event.
I had a week to invite friends from my phone and social media accounts, while H&F also sent their text blasts to regular customers.
I arrived at CDG Rockwell on May 25th at 6:30 PM. Tere’s husband, Dr. Gerard Henson, was the DJ for the night. He was already spinning when I arrived.

Gerard Henson

From 6:30 to 7 PM I was able to fulfill my dream of working behind the counter to wrap purchases. I actually served four sets of customers before the place started to fill up.
I can tell you now that in those 30 minutes we already had 1/5th of our quota for the night 🙂

Among the earlybirds were artist Mikko Sison with CDG Philippines country manager Elaine Domingo, Denise Peralta, and designers Rita Nazareno and Parice Ramos Diaz.

Mikko, Elaine, Denise, Rita, Patrice

Also spotted: Japan addicts Maxene and Pia Magalona

Maxene and Pia Magalona

Carlo Tanseco who runs and owns the Tickles stores, among others

Carlo Tanseco

My friend and Bleach collaborator Tinay Villamiel

Tinay Villamiel

Stylist Andre Chang

Andre Chang

Tita Tessie Singson (also known as @lolaandrogynous on Instagram) and her son JP

Tessie and JP Singson

My hubby Jeroen with our Japanese friends Taka Terada and Fumio Onishi of Natural Hype

Jeroen, Taka and Fumio

The place started to fill up. When it got jampacked, I could no longer go back to the cashier because I would be a slow nuisance. So I let go and watched everyone enjoy themselves.

CDG shopping party
CDG shopping party
CDG shopping party

CDG shopping party
Photo: Fumio Onishi

Comme des Garçons is magic.
Thank you Jappy for a fun night and to everyone who came. 🙂

Photo: Jo Ann Bitagcol
Photo: Jo Ann Bitagcol

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