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It’s been a while since I last blogged, because so many things have happened. Also, Instagram killed blogging.
I decided to blog again today and see where this goes.

As I was cleaning up my computer, I found this file on church photos that I have collected.
If I had so much money I would build a chapel I would like to go to.
There are many churches in Manila, but I think there are just too many church goers.
I don’t enjoy going to Mass here like I did in New York in a little chapel where the sermons made sense.
Here, it’s pretty much a task for me to go to Mass. I really don’t enjoy it, I’m sorry.
When I sit there, I just really sit there. I don’t necessary feel enlightened or lighter inside.
My thoughts wander and I wonder if I could ever build a chapel I really want to go to.

Mostly I’m a visual person. I get moved by beautiful interiors, I like it minimal. I even look at the santos and wonder why they couldn’t get better looking santos, I’m sorry if that sounds shallow. But this is my blog…

So I collected pictures of chapels I would like to go to, if only I could build one so I can be assured of a seat.


Christmas is coming and for me it is the saddest time of the year because of personal reasons.
My ideal Christmas would be in a cold place with my loved ones and a postcard-looking chapel like this


If I could own a chapel, it would probably look like this


I find this very beautiful


And this


Of course that’s all external. I would like the songs not to be baduy (sorry) and the sermon to be meaningful. It would have a clean restroom, good air-conditioning, and good, holy priests.
Well that’s just a dream of mine. If only I were younger and had more energy and lots of money, I would do it.
That’s all for now. I’ll try to write more in the coming days or weeks.

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Hi Ms.C,
I’m scrolling on my bookmarks and saw your icon which I visit like everyday few years ago. You are right, Instagram killed blogging. But I think blogging will rise again soon on a different form. Naalala ko yung promos mo specially the 8,888,888 promo. 🙂 xoxo



Hi chuvaness! I’m Lloydy and ive been ur follower for years. I’m glad you posted a new one 😄 I know you said that instagram killed blogging but can you write more on this topic? since you’re from the fashion industry, what do you think of influencers?



Really awesome looking church!