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‘Tis the season for chic clothing. I love layering and all that, which I can’t really do in Manila.
I’ve been feeling under the weather lately. I can describe the feeling to missing someone badly, except in this case, I’ve been missing Japan.
I’ve been checking the weather daily to see if it’s gotten warmer over there, but it’s still 6 degrees in Tokyo. Ten degrees is my limit.
I am itching to go back but I’m torn between taking the kids to Rome to pass through the Holy Door, or celebrating my birthday in Tokyo.
Meanwhile I have been so overwhelmed with all the fashion on my Instagram feed.
I’ve been so lazy to get dressed. I blame it on the heat. I so envy these people.

1) Loving Maxene Magalona’s Tokyo fashion and the Hello Kitty headband is to die for. Among all the local celebrities who’ve been to Tokyo lately, Maxene is the cutest!!


2) Clara Magalona is my goddaughter, that’s all. She’s also cute!


3) This Japanese girl with the Vivienne Westwood shoes just reminds me of me.

Vivienne Westwood

4) It seems that torn bell-bottoms are back in Tokyo


5) Russian girl in Comme des Garçons. I have this purse!


6) Chef Kerwin Go and his hubby José in matching Visvim coats


7) Rachel Ashwell and her friend look really comfy

Rachel Ashwell

8) Lazy chic in Paris


9) I love the yellow in Tokyo


10) It is polite to cover up when you have respiratory illness in Tokyo


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