Chica girl of the day: Kim Jones
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I once saw Kim Jones at a Samsung event and thought she was stunning, even before I found out she is Jericho Rosales’s fiancĂ©e.
She apparently has an under-the-radar fashion blog where she wears this outfit in one of her entries:

Kim Jones

What she’s wearing is a Zara jumpsuit, Zara blazer, and Wayne Cooper heels (Photos by Charlie Gomez)

Kim Jones
Kim Jones

Why I like it so much, I think is because I just recently discovered Grey’s Anatomy.
Yes I just started watching recently. I am now in Season 3.
Kim Jones’s outfit is Margielic and reminds me of Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy!!

Ellen Pompeo

Kim Jones is prettier though.

Kim Jones

Watch how Jericho Rosales proposed to Kim Jones

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