Chefs and their signature dishes in Unilever’s new cookbook
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Unilever isn’t just about home and personal care anymore. It’s about Best Foods mayo (truly the best, as far as Chef Jeroen is concerned), Knorr seasoning and all kinds of food solutions.
Now Unilever gathers eleven international chefs in the country to put together a special cookbook called Signature Dishes 2011.

UFS Signature Dishes Cover

Signature Dishes 2011 is Unilever Food Solutions’ way of giving back to food lovers and professionals in the Philippine food service industry by providing them the tools to create signature dishes that will satisfy and excite their guests,” says Pinky Laurena, Unilever Food Solutions Managing Director.

The first-of-its-kind cookbook is top-billed by renowned chef and Unilever Food Solutions culinary ambassador Cyrille Soenen who, along with other Manila-based international chefs, offers Filipino restaurateurs and food service operators an intimate peek into their signature renditions.
The featured top chefs share their sources of inspiration, letting readers privy into the secret ingredients that make a truly successful signature dish.

Chef Cyrille Soenen

A seasoned food industry stalwart with experience from Michelin star-restaurants worldwide like Duc d Enghien and Le Drouant in Paris, Chef Cyrille serves up delicious insights into his trailblazing cuisine, made more mouth-watering with Knorr Western Sauces.
He shares signature innovations flavored with Knorr Napoli Tomato Sauce, Knorr Cheese Sauce or Knorr White Sauce.

Unilever food solutions

Other featured food experts who share their masterful recipes are chefs Angelo Faoro and Freddy Thierry Schmidt

Chef Angelo Faoro Chef Freddy Thierry Schmidt

Norbert Gandler and Mats Loo

Chef Norbert Gandler Chef Mats Loo

David Pardo de Ayala and Franco Brodini

Chef David Pardo de Ayala Chef Franco Brodini

Nick Anderson and Josef Miklavc

Chef Nick Anderson Chef Josef Miklavc

Mark Mulder and Patrick Fournes.

Chef Mark Moulder Chef Patrick Fournes

From tarts to slow-cooked roasts, their exciting flavor combinations and the stories told in every recipe will enthrall readers with mouthwatering ideas.

Tournedos Rossini

Bresse Chicken

Blackened Gravlax

Pamora Farm Egg Cocotte with Duck Liver Leaks and Mushroom Sauce
Pamora farm egg cocotte with duck liver, leeks and mushroom sauce

Big Tiger Prawns in Citrus and Olive Oil Dressing
Tiger prawns in citrus and olive oil dressing

Tart Fine with Tomato Fresh Sardines and Goat Cheese
Tart fine with tomato, fresh sardines, and goat cheese

Signature Dishes 2011 is now available in leading bookstores nationwide.

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