The last chapters: Rajo Laurel for Plains & Prints
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Jujiin!! You video’d me!!
Buti na lang walang voice, otherwise, grossé!!!

Footage was taken at Rajo Laurel’s launch for Plains & Prints last month.
I am privy to how much sales were made on that night alone, and the amount is jaw-dropping indeed. Well done, Rajo!
The Stellar top was one of the best-selling pieces in the collection.

Rajo Laurel x Plains & Prints

It comes in various colors and can be worn many ways. Tina Tagle shows us how.

tina tagle
Tina Tagle
tina tagle

Miss Tina? Read about her beauty gear at Divasoria’s blog.

Rajo Laurel x Plains & Prints

Discover Rajo Laurel’s summery collection now available at all Plains & Prints stores everywhere.
To find a store nearest you, click here.

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