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2014 is a time to change.
For one, I stopped drinking Coke everyday and dropped 6 lbs. I never thought I could achieve this.
I allow myself to drink Coke maybe once a week or less but the goal is to lose 5 more lbs.

Japanese Coke

Second, I’m no longer obsessed with Twitter, and yes, it can be done. I have friends who no longer go on Twitter because of all the negativity, preferring Instagram instead. There seems to be less hate in there, at least for non-celebrities like me.
Twitter death
Third, I decided to stop watching CNN all time time.
My obsession with CNN started in 1991 when I was studying fashion at Parsons New York, where all week long, everything was about fashion. I thought that watching CNN would make me a more well-rounded person, so I would keep it on while doing my homework or eating. It was either that or Tagalog movies I rented from the Filipino store.

Michael Bublé helped me unpack

I’d watch CNN in hotels while traveling, watch it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
I like to keep informed. Until this year, two big events made me extremely sad—the missing Malaysian Airlines airplane, and the sinking of the Korean ferry with high school students on board.
Everything is about death and accidents, and why both in Asia in such a short span of time?

Patrice and Penny watching CNN
Patrice and Penny watching CNN in Hong Kong

After a psychic told me they will never find the plane, I started to get depressed watching CNN.
After the ship sank, I decided to take a break from all the sad news. But how to break a more than two-decade habit?
Today I decided to give E! channel a chance but then I felt my IQ points going down. The highlight of my evening was to watch my very first episode of the Kardashians, like EVER. I watched because it was about Kimye’s marriage proposal and I began to understand what the Kardashians are all about. I won’t say it here because trolls are waiting to pounce and I don’t want to judge.
Since Channel E’s not working for me, maybe I’ll just stop watching TV at all.
Here’s what happened at Kim and Kanye’s wedding proposal.

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