Can’t wait for FilmStruck!
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Back in the ’80s we had a huge VHS (video) collection at home that was sent by my aunt in California.
I seriously watched about 2000 titles, and during summer I could watch up to six movies a day.
Then the former First Lady Imelda Marcos had the MIFF (Manila International Film Festival) which coincided with exam week. I would go home at noon, have my KFC lunch on a tray in front of the TV, and watch foreign films. Those were the days, and I loved them!
And now, even with so many viewing options, I’m running out of things to watch.
Just look at all the channels I have on my computer, aside from iTunes:


Old movie classics are my favorite genre. So imagine my excitement when I found out about the new streaming service called FilmStruck, by Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection. Because Ted Turner is a genius. Insomnia, here we go!!

Filmstruck Sizzle FINAL-HD from Turner on Vimeo.

FilmStruck officially launches October 19, 2016 and I’m so ready to sign up.
To know more about FilmStruck, follow them on Twitter @FilmStruck or Facebook, or click HERE.
Eye. Can’t. Wait.

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