Breakfast with Alden Richards, Part 4
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The first time I ever heard of AlDub was in August. We were on our way to Makati Med for our cook Nora’s appointment with Dr. Gerard Henson. We got stuck in McKinley because of a thunderstorm.
“Have you heard of AlDub?” Dinna asked in the car.
“Nope. What’s that?”
Our maid Aiza, who was seated at the back of the car, became very excited.
In our house, Aiza is the biggest fan of Alden Richards. Every Saturday you can hear screaming coming from the kitchen.

Watching AlDub
AlDub first date

In September, I started watching episodes and got hooked.
I just find the entire show so charming. It reminds me of the simple comedy we used to watch when I was a kid. I love the lolas and their unique personalities—with the sungit, the flirty dancer, and the kikay (woooh!).
I love the giving of the prizes to the poor. I love to hear their stories and imagine how all that money would improve their lives.
Yaya Dub is adorable, but what I really love is there’s a cute guy involved. That guy is Alden Richards.


At the height of his popularity, with traffic rerouted for his Iloilo visit, where 50,000 fans saw him, it’s hard to imagine that someone like Alden Richards would take a special trip to my house for a small group of people. But it happened.

On Monday morning I was preparing for a heartbreak in case Alden Richards didn’t show up. After all, he was supposed to be here from 8-10 AM, but his ETA became 9-9:30 AM.
Finally at 10 AM, he arrived with his personal assistant Tenten. He had driven himself all the way from Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Alden arrives

They were met in front by Mark Sablan and Sam Sanciangco of GMA Artist Center, my colleague Dinna Vasquez, and videographer Paulo Castro.
We did not rehearse this. I was not prepared.

Alden arrives

Dinna motioned for me to come out and meet him. I met him at the stairwell. Alden offered his hand and I shook it.
“How or what do I call you?” I heard myself say.
“Anything you want Ma’am. Alden is fine,” he smiled.
“Thank you for coming here,” I told him before opening the door.
“But wait. Could you wait here a moment? I just have to call some people.”
Alden look suprised, but said, OK.

I closed the door behind me and walked calmly to my bedroom where the maids were cleaning.
I composed myself and said, “Lumabas muna kayo. May bisita tayo.”
The maid looked confused.
“Halika na, lahat kayo.”
They followed me and this is what happened next.

I did not expect the kind of reception the maids gave Alden. Dinna said she was afraid he might fall down the stairs. Thank God he is physically fit and managed to hold himself up against the wall. Dinna had to physically come between the girls and Alden.
Finally he was able to enter the door and meet the people waiting for him, including my husband and our neighbor Joris.

Breakfast with Alden Richards

“I hope you’re hungry,” I told Alden.
“Yes, I am,” he said.
He noticed the maids peeking behind the window of the Master bedroom and smiled. “Punta tayo doon,” he said.
“Wag na. Let’s eat first,” I said. I didn’t want him to see my messy bedroom, plus I was afraid the maids would attack him again.

Breakfast with Alden Richards

We all got food and sat at the table. Knowing we only had an hour, Dinna got to work and started interviewing while Alden and the other guests ate. I myself tried to eat, but it was impossible to eat in front of him. I felt all the adobo flakes falling out of my mouth, so I gave up.
If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. I didn’t want to act like a fan girl, so I took very little photos. I made sure to post on Instagram and Twitter tell everyone Alden Richards is having breakfast in my house!!!!
All the while acting calm and collected while Alden was just three feet away from me.

(To be continued)

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