Bond with your kids with “Miracles From Heaven”
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I love watching movies with my boys. Ben, 14, appreciates anything I watch—including Tagalog and subtitled movies.
He’s kind of deep like that. Ben and I used to cuddle in bed while watching movies with headphones, but his dad is a light sleeper. Plus Ben is already 5’10” and occupies so much space.

Markus (12) on the other hand, prefers more age-appropriate movies.
After having enjoyed Heaven Is For Real, which is about a young boy who dies, sees heaven, and comes back to life, my boys have been looking forward to Miracles From Heaven, which recently became available on iTunes.
Chris and Jeroen weren’t interested, so Ben, Markus, and I plopped into bed and watched this movie.

Miracles from heaven

I thought I’d be playing Candy Crush while watching, but I found myself drawn to the true story of a young girl (Annabel Beam) who is diagnosed with a motility disorder which has no cure. I could truly relate to her ordeal because 12 years ago, I was confined at St. Luke’s Hospital for what was initially suspected as a motility disorder. It turned out I had adhesions after two C-sections and a myomectomy (long story).

Like Annabel, I also had a nasogastric tube from in my nose-throat-stomach for more than a week. The pain was unbearable, I wished myself death—except I had two babies and a husband I had to live for.
Twelve years later, I have to remind myself I’m so lucky to be alive and healthy.
If you’re a parent, you can certainly relate to the torture of seeing your kids suffering and bargaining with God when they are sick.

I have no daughters, but I’m glad to have boys who can watch movies like this with me, even if it is the story of a girl and is Christ-centered. Keep the tissues nearby. I cried three or four times.
If you have kids and believe in miracles, I highly recommend the movie, even though some parts may be cheesy. Try to see the movie as a whole and not focus on the cheesy parts. 🙂

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