BlackBerry winner is here!
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More than 600 people took the cheesy quiz I posted last week.
Out of a perfect score of 45 points, the highest score was 37 or 82%!
Jude came over in the afternoon to help me check the answers. We finished at 10 PM.
I tell you, after what Jude and I went through tonight, I have a newfound respect for teachers who grade papers all the time.
And the winner is Marcia Caringal of Quezon City! She is a BlackBerry user (she uses a Curve and a Bold).
When I asked who helped her with the quiz, she named her friend, former model and 1985 Miss Maja Pilipinas and Miss Maja International 2nd Runner-Up Issa Gonzales-Agana.

Here are the correct answers:
1. Name the title of this movie: Sinasamba Kita

Blackberry quiz

2. Identify these popular shoes in the ’70s and ’80s: Famolare and Crayons
Trivia: You can still buy Famolare shoes online.

Blackberry quiz
Blackberry quiz

3. Name the designer of this phenomenal Philippine ’80s label: Helena Guerrero
Trivia: She trained under Jean-Paul Gaultier when the latter worked in the Philippines.

Blackberry quiz

4. Name this pillar of Philippine fashion: Inno Sotto
(Funniest answer: Ray-An Fuentes)
Trivia: He used to be called Guam Boy Sotto by friends and family as he used to live in Guam.

Blackberry quiz

5. Name this dog: Bantay
(Funniest answer: Tagpi)

Blackberry quiz

6. Identify the four teens in this picture: Dondon Nakar, Winnie Santos, Lala Aunor, Arnold Gamboa

Blackberry quiz

7. This isn’t a Gap ad, but name as many dancers in this photo:
The WEA Dancers are: Jesse Panelo, Raffy Chan, John Gaddi, Jimmy Santos, Miles Obra, Geleen Eugenio, Lyn Tamayo, Donna Fuentes, Joey Pastor, Tina Herrera, Gay Pobre, Joy Pobre
Trivia: According to Tito Uichico, WEA stands for W = Warner Bros, E = Electra, and A = Atlantic.
They are three dance groups merged into one. πŸ˜€

Blackberry quiz

8. Name as many people in this Faces promo:
Apples Aberin, Bernice Palanca, Beverly Ong, Bill Velasco, Cheenee de Leon, Diana Jean Lopez, Domini Primero, Eric Quizon, Eva Abesamis, Giselle Toengi, Irene Martel, Joy Ortega, Kenneth Peralta, Marina Benipayo, Mayenne Carmona, Mellany Carlos, Monina Tan, Monsour del Rosario, Norman Black, Rudolph Yaptinchay, Tweetie de Leon, Vanessa Viterbo, Vivian Velez
(Funniest answers: Tiger Woods, Tina Tagle)
Trivia: G Tongi confirmed she was 16 when the video (below) was taken


Marcia gets a new BlackBerry Bold 9780!
Awarding will be next week when all our schedules are free. Will keep you posted.
Thank you BlackBerry Philippines and thank you Jude for creating the quiz and patiently grading the test papers with me! Till the next promo, C πŸ™‚


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