Bilins for the next President of the Philippines
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Before anything else I would like to thank President Aquino for finally fixing the airport during his term. It is no longer a pain to be at NAIA 3 (haven’t been to Terminals 1 and 2 ever since).
Thank you we don’t have to pay Php 550 airport tax at departure anymore. And thanks that we are no longer scared of customs lagay during arrival.
Thank you also in behalf of our expat friends who saw progress during your term.
Except for the traffic situation which has only gotten worse.

Monumental traffic

A few years ago, we suffered really bad traffic only during the “ber” months, especially December, when everyone would go Christmas shopping and balikbayans would arrive.
But a couple of years ago when I started going to my office at the Fort, traffic got worse overnight.
When Dinna and I started working together, it would take us 30 minutes tops to go home from BGC to Pasig. Now everyday is a nightmare. Not just in BGC, but even during summer when school is out.
Everyday (except Sunday) feels like December traffic.

Jessica Zafra wrote:
“At this point, we narrow down the criteria for next President to: 1. Will not steal. 2. Will fix traffic.” Source.

I fully agree with her. Now ask yourselves, who among the presidential candidates are not likely to steal? I believe Mar Roxas will not steal because he said so when I brought up Jessica Zafra with him.

But who can fix the traffic?
I’ve ridden trains around the world and tried the MRT once in Manila. I was shocked at how small and few the cars are. I feel bad for all those people waiting for rides at the stations. Is there a monthly pass so that people don’t have to line up for tickets everyday?
Read my godson’s assessment of our MRT versus Japan’s Tokyo’s railway system HERE.

“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transport.”
— Paraphrased from Enrique Penalosa, former Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia

Dear future President,

1) Please do not block UBER. It is the only public transport I take in Manila. Please don’t allow NAIA from blocking UBER because foreigners who don’t know GRAB can benefit from UBER. Let us stop hearing about corrupt taxi drivers who take foreign visitors for a ride. Really bad for tourism. CLICK

Uber Manila

2) Could you please get rid of all the assorted, unsightly, unsafe bus companies on the road? Can we just have one standard bus company that run on time at real bus stops? With new buses, not ugly hand-me-downs from foreign countries?

New York bus

3) Is it possible to clean up Pasig river and have a ferry that runs through there, for a small fare? Maybe we can hire Dutch people who know how canals work for people.


4) Can we do something about traffic cops who try to extort money from driver? Why don’t they issue tickets instead of confiscating driver’s licenses? Isn’t driving without a license another crime?

5) Can we do something about the BIR corruption I can’t even write about?

6) Can you provide free meals for underprivileged school children, so they will go to school everyday? Is free education possible? Can teachers be paid more?

Meals for school children

I’m going to stop here now but feel free to use the comments section for your bilins to the next President.

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