Big Day Slim Team: Your private slim spa at home
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In this day of monster Manila traffic, I appreciate any kind of service that will go to my house.
If slimming and toning are your concerns, Big Day Slim Team will bring Lipocavitation and Radio Frequency machines to your house.
This is Gina, who gave me firming and slimming treatments every Sunday afternoon for my arms, thighs, face, and tummy.

Big Day Slim Team

We set up a makeshift spa in the kids’ playroom. I love this bed.

Big Day Slim Team

It’s called Big Day Slim Team because they have created packages for those getting ready for perhaps a wedding, debut, event or vacation.
Their non-invasive slimming machines come from South Korea, using multiple paddle sizes, pulse
frequencies, and other techniques to cater to specific problem areas such as face, neck, arms, mid section, and thighs, while considering body type, lifestyle, and Big Day deadline.

After your slimming treatments, you can also enjoy pampering services such as manicure and pedicure, hand and foot spa, body massage, facial, and sugar waxing (hair removal).
Pampering services are only available as add-ons to at least one slimming treatment and must be done on the same day.

Here are some of the treatments I tried:

Lipocavitation is a painless, no-downtime process of melting fat using ultrasonic waves.
With lipocavitation, the body continues to burn fat even after the day of treatment, giving you continued inch loss after just one session. With the new discounted rates, treatments start at P1,000 for the face and neck up to Php 1,700 for the abdomen, thighs, and arms.

Big Day Slim Team

Radiofrequency destroys fat using radiofrequency energy.
The procedure helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and produces collagen. Big Day Slim Team says you should start doing radiofrequency treatments two weeks before your Big Day. Prices start at Php 800 for the face and neck up to Php 1,300 for the abdomen, thighs, and arms.
PS. My favorite treatment is the face RF. I really feel like it makes my face look slimmer.

There are additional discounts if you are having treatments in more than one major area. You can also avail of different packages, depending on what and when your Big Day is.
Appointments must be made at least 1-2 days before the scheduled session.
Services are available from 9 AM-9 PM, Tuesdays-Sundays for Metro Manila residents only.

For more information, go to, call or text (0939) 831 3822, or email

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Please note that surgeons in Europe have found that this technique creates unacceptable complications. This is just a very concerned reader and fan who wants you to be safe.