Bieber fever
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Justin Bieber arrived in Manila today.

I’m envious of all the kids who are into Bieber right now. And yes, I totally get him.
He reminds me of being 12 and in love with Leif and Shaun and Patrick and Parker.
When I was young, this used to be our thing


Now it’s all about Bieber


I had four VIP tickets to this concert, but I gave them up to relatives who are more into Bieber than us.
(Also because there is a Super VIP section, which means there would still be 1,000 people in front us and that makes me wonder if the drive, traffic, waiting, starvation, heat, toilet logistics and most of all, security, would be worth dragging my boys all the way.


Just the same I am jealous, envious and excited in my pajamas at home.
There hasn’t been anyone like Bieber in a very long time.
Good thing this didn’t happen in the Philippines….too bad he’s taken.

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