Before you take another food shot, consider this
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“What kind of Instagram accounts do you hate?” my kids were asking the other night.
“I don’t really like fashion posts,” I said. “I don’t like too many selfies.”
“I don’t like food posts,” said my son. “Why do people have to take pictures of food?”

I laughed. To be fair, I think I am one of the first people to take food pics, as early as 2004 with my low-res digital camera. I was in Singapore for a junket for the Philippine Star and I simply thought this dish was too pretty not to be captured. This was Chatterbox’s famous Hainanese chicken rice.

Chatterbox chicken rice

I still remember marveling at this dessert sampler at Mezza9, Singapore in 2005, when taking food shots was a novel thing. Flickr was a new thing, so early adopters would post them online and label them “food porn.”

dessert sampler

My brother Dennis used to groan whenever I would pull out my huge camera before a family meal.
And now it’s like a normal thing. I try not to do it often, and if I do, I do it really quickly. It must be done within a few seconds so I don’t like a fool.
That said, this video is worth sharing, I can’t wait to show my kids. I especially love the tag line in the end.
Watch and see how silly it all looks.

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