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Stuck at home, I’ve been watching a lot of Cinema One and ANC.
Yesterday I was getting a hot compress when my assistant and I saw this…
I’m the type of person who, if you watch a movie or TV with me, I’ll be yakking my comments during.
So I was telling my assistant, “ang chica naman ng glasses ng mamang yan” (referring to the white-haired man in the interview).
Then this Rafa Santos came onscreen and personally, I found him so smug and mayabang. I told my assistant, “ang guapo pa naman.”
Strangely enough, he says something very shocking—even to me.

When Cityscape host Lexi Schulze asked why the Samarito director preferred to employ stage actors in his films, a straight-faced Santos answered: “Because they don’t complain. You can feed them Skyflakes three meals a day or pay them in cat food. They’re never late and they cry when you want them to cry.” Source

My brain’s a little slow after the operation, so I thought nothing more about it, until my friend called this morning and told me it was all over Twitter and Facebook. Meet Tricia Gosingtian, Part 2.
Here’s an interesting blog entry on the Rafa Santos booboo.

I’m so grateful there was no social media when I was 21 and feeling the power, having my own column in the Daily Globe, where I could write anything I wanted, because I certainly wrote a lot of careless things.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Internet came along in my 30s. Otherwise, I would’ve been a serious social media casualty.

Read about Rafa Santos’ apology.

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