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My son Ben came home from school today and said, in Social Studies they learned about the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign. Teacher showed them cool images from the Internet such as

It's more fun in the Philippines
It's more fun in the Philippines
It's more fun in the Philippines

Ben said, “I didn’t know Philippines was fun and cool. I thought it was just dirty. Mommy can we go to those places please?”
“Sure,” I said. I felt like a bad mommy because we’ve only been to Tagaytay and Lipa, and Baguio when Ben was a baby.

When Ben was a blond

I’d like to go to Baguio more often (we have a house) but I’m really scared of how our driver drives to and from Baguio. Plus I heard there’s no more airport in Baguio. I really want to go out of town but I’m very prissy about hotel accommodations and bathrooms.
“Let’s go to Cebu!” I told Ben. I already know what to eat (lechon) and where to stay.

Abaca resort- a quickie escape from Hong Kong
Abaca resort room 2
Abaca resort room 6

We should really do Cebu this year.
Jeroen has taken the kids to the beach while I was traveling, but I come home to pictures like this. The horror!

The horror!

Jeroen has seen more of the Philippines than me. He’s been to Sagada, Batat, Boracay, Bohol, Davao, Cebu, etc.
I’d really like to see more of the Philippines, if only there were more posh hotels with really nice bathrooms. I don’t mean “clean” or “decent” bathrooms, I really mean NICE. We need to discover Philippines this year.

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