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Last night before going to bed, I saw pictures of Rachel Alejandro and Carlos Santamaria’s wedding on Girlie Rodis’ Twitter.

Rachel and Carlos Santamaria

It may have entered my consciousness because I had a dream about a wedding—my own.
In my dream I was 40 years old and worried I was going to miss the last train. So I agreed to marry a single friend of mine that will remain unnamed. On the day of our wedding I found out my friend was gay and in love with another person.
So my wedding was called off—but how to tell the guests it wasn’t happening? My mom’s advice: let’s just announce it in church and feed the guests.
But I still wanted to get married. So I called an ex-boyfriend of mine (we were supposed to marry in real life) and asked him to marry me. He didn’t want, so I forced and forced him. By the time he agreed it was 7 PM, while the wedding was at 8 PM in Malate.
I looked out of our house in Greenhills and saw this huge traffic jam and wondered if we would make it in time.

I woke up relieved to see my husband of 10 years next to me and relieved that my dad “forced” me to marry him.
I wasn’t forced-forced. I was having cold feet maybe two months before the wedding after having seen this Meryl Streep movie, “The Bridges of Madison County,” where a lonely wife contemplates leaving her family for a love affair with a photographer visiting her town.


I told my dad, “What if I meet someone when I’m 50?”
My dad said, “Marriage is a gamble.” He told me to marry Jeroen because he knew my track record of falling for the wrong guy based on their looks. He said, “If you don’t marry him, you will end up with the wrong guy.”
And so I consider it a blessing to see my husband’s face everyday and every night. I’m glad I listened to my dad.

Jeroen and I, November 25, 2000

My dad told me this fantastic story about being invited to a wedding where the bride and groom didn’t show up. The guests just ended up eating the food at the reception because sayang the food.
Have you ever experienced being invited to a wedding that was called off? Without naming names, what happened and how did they handle it?

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