Bacteria in lagundi leaves?
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It’s cough and cold season once again. The drivers, the maids, the kids have it.
For colds, one thing my doctor told me was to overdose on Vitamin C for about 5 days: 500 mg. twice a day (daytime and nightime). Surprisingly it works!
As for cough, I take Solmux, but the yayas told me to buy lagundi medicine for the kids.
It seemed OK with me until I heard that lagundi leaves harbor bacteria.
This doesn’t look like something you would feed to your kids.


Confirming the idea is this ad from Solmux.
My feeling is, bacteria contamination in medicines shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when our kids are involved.
Is it possible that not all natural and herbal medicines are safe? Should we trust only pharmaceutical companies that have proven track record in safety?
How do you feel about the bacteria issue? Let us know in the comments section.

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