Are you a Simple Girl?
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According to Divasoria, the simple girl orders safe food like carbonara and iced tea

carbonaraIced Tea

Cherishes her first Louis Vuitton—a Speedy!

The Speedy 30 in Damier Azur

Likes to hang a hand sanitizer on her Longchamp Pliage

Longchamp - Le Pliage

Aspires for TV-commercial-ready long, straight hair

Woman with beauty hairs

Moisturizes with Pond’s cold cream


Likes her nails French tipped

French Manicure - Colorama Diamond Love

Her Tory Burch Reva flats


Went to the first day of screening of Sex and the City with her girlfriends

Sex and the City 2

Also has complete seasons of Friends DVDs


Enjoyed the Shopaholic series

sophie kinsella shopaholic book lot

Follows Paulo Coelho or Dalai Lama on Twitter

Paulo Coelho

And retweets them


Et cetera.
I took the quiz, and got 34 out of 380 possible points, because I own a few pairs of Havaianas, I follow Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives, crave the occasional carbonara, and consider Cibo my kitchen.
Wait for my Complicated Girl Index.

P.S. She forgot other Simple Girl traits such as:
• celebrates monthsaries
• gives her daughters boy’s nicknames
• goes to all bazaars
• sells on Multiply (uy that’s me!)
• makes their husbands/boyfriends carry their bags
• loved Eat, Pray, Love the movie
• press release: only one boyfriend since birth (and married him!)
• uses whitening cream
• doesn’t find anything wrong in wacky shots
• takes jumping shots with fellow simple girls
• cannot relate to gay men
• occupation: pre-school teacher

OK, I’ll stop na.
Wanna know if you’re a Simple Girl, click here, take the test, post your scores below

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