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Richard Gere has aged well.
At the age of 63, he is still fit, obviously goes to the gym and has kept his hair intact, even though it’s all white by now. His face hasn’t really aged. He doesn’t show signs of plastic surgery or injectables (unlike Billy Crystal who looks manas). He still looks perfect in the role of a rich guy (think Pretty Woman).
In Arbritrage, he plays a troubled hedge fund magnate who wants to protect his family from a series of bad decisions he has made, which have all caught up with him at the same time.

Richard Gere as Robert Miller with his perfect family

and his chica mistress, played by Laeticia Casta

I just had to download it after seeing this trailer on AppleTV.

This movie will make you feel glad you don’t deal in millions of dollars. I swear my driver is better off than this guy.
The only thing that bugs me is the ending. If you’ve had the chance to see it, please explain.

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