Anita Moorjani comes to Manila
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“I had the choice to come back… or not. I chose to return when I realized that heaven is a state, not a place…”

I’m scared. What if you died and had a choice to come back? Would you?
When I was asked to blog about Anita Moorjani’s talk in Manila, I became interested when I found out she is the New York Times best-selling author of Dying to be Me, a remarkable account of her near-death experience and almost instant recovery from Stage Four Cancer (Lymphoma).


Anything about cancer and recovery touches something in me.
Papa, Chelo, Tito Yoyong, Ricky, Margarita, Wil, Gerdie, Rita, and Trisha are some relatives and friends who have had cancer. Some of them have died, some of them are fighting, and some of them have survived.
In fact three of of those names are my first cousins, so cancer hits very much close to home.

Anita Moojani’s healing has remained one of the most amazing ever recorded in Medical History. Her new found perspective on life, death, and her moving message of hope continue to bring much comfort to cancer survivors, their families, and numerous followers.
She inspires her audience to transform their lives by living more authentically, discovering their greatest passions and purpose, transcending their deepest fears, and living always from a place of pure joy.
If you have been touched by cancer or someone with cancer, don’t miss this life-changing opportunity.

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Anita Moorjani will be in Manila this January 26 and 27, 2013 for a talk at the RCBC Plaza Theater and the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.
I’ll be there on the birthday of my cousin Chelo, who lost her battle with leukemia in 2008.

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has anyone checked her medical records or pathology reports? Talked to the medical personnel who cared for her?
yes, I believe in NDE but when a person writes a book for oodles of money, one suspects that exaggeration or fraud might be behind this dramatic story of her “miraculous recovery”… this is especially important, since I can’t find the “oncologist” doctor who claims to have checked her records: The only docs by that name are an optometrist in USC (who does have links with Hong Kong) or a Family doc from Kentucky.



I wish I could attend to personally listen to her talk. But I have a wedding to attend… :/






Of course heaven is NOT a state.  She had to return because she is not welcome there.  And now spreading all her truth and lies.  Ito ang isa sa mga taong pinaniniwalaan ang kanyang kasinungalingan. And if ever she was healed, it sure was not a heavenly miracle.  If you are guided, you will not forget that this world is ruled by the devil until the real Christ comes.  That is the only truth I know on Earth everything else is trickery.