VIDEO: A looter’s view inside the mess that is Gaisano Mall
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When Baguio was struck by a 7.9-magnitude earthquake in 1990, I remember hearing US Senator Richard Lugar on TV observing that “the Filipinos are stealing anything that’s not bolted to the ground.”
At that time I thought, nakakahiya.
More than 20 years later, I don’t really want to judge the looters in Tacloban. I get it if you’re desperate and need food or water, or even clothing or slippers. But to steal a Selecta ice cream chest freezer and brand new school trolley bags seems ridiculous to me. Are schools even open??

Philippines Typhoon

Actually this Selecta freezer stealing kind of cracks me up 🙂


It’s hard to judge because we’re not in their position. And thank God for us who are far away from the disaster sites. But I don’t know what to make of this video taken by one of the looters inside Gaisano mall.
What a mess it is! I feel so bad for Gaisano and its tenants.

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