All about men in September Cosmo
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Cosmopolitan magazine has devoted their September issue to everything you need to know about men.
They went all over the country to find the hottest men—from hipsters to party boys, athletes and yuppies.
Learn more about your man by looking at his relationship with the first woman in his life—his mother. Find out how you can get on her good side with Cosmo’s tips for winning her trust and approval.
Cosmo also reveals why some men won’t commit despite being crazy in love and shows you how you can dispel those fears.
Even if Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong, there are still lessons to be learned from the relationship, as real Cosmo girls attest in this issue.

Cosmo Sept 2011 cover

The September issue comes with a special supplement called Cosmo Men, featuring 69 hot bachelors from all over the country plus 10 Celebrity Centerfolds, headed by Phil Younghusband.

Cosmo Men cover

Neil Etheridge

Cosmo Men (1)

Aly Borromeo

Cosmo Men (24)

Hideo Muraoka

Cosmo Men (28)

Rodrigo Oliviera, Diego Gonzalez, Mark Hutchinson

Cosmo Men (13)

Riz Bawani, Martin Flores, Tyler Perry

Cosmo Men (4)

Get a copy of September Cosmopolitan with Kim Kardashian on the cover, available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide.
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