Have you smelled Alice Blue?
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I’m very particular about smell, so only a few scents really appeal to me. It can be as simple as vanilla or Dove shea butter soap. I like the scent of Soumak’s Kuliglig room spray, which makes me sleepy. I love the smell of my kids after bathing with Johnson’s lavender wash. Another thing I really like is Nivea’s Happy Time deodorant 🙂

Dovekuliglig by soumakJohnson's bedtime bathNivea

Most recently I discovered something, of all places, in the Family Lounge restroom of Glorietta 4. It was the sweet scent of Alice Blue’s Berry Crumble candle. I took a quick photo with my phone and asked the restroom attendant about it. She said I could find it in Glorietta 3.

Alice Blue

Luckily, Grace knew exactly where it was. I bought one candle, lit it at home and wondered: how come I’d never heard of this and how come I found out after Christmas??

Alice Blue

I was pleasantly surprised to find out Alice Blue candles are made in the Philippines.
Started in 2005 by two environmentalists hoping to create a candle that really scents the room, the hand-poured candles are made of soy wax—a renewable, biodegradable source—instead of paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of crude oil.
The candles were named after a pale shade of blue dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice Roosevelt-Longworth.
Selected fragrance oils and high-quality cotton and paper wicks are used to make them longer-lasting and highly fragrant (which I can attest to). And whether they’re lit up or not, you can already smell the scent straight from the glass.
Find them in kiosks at Rockwell mall, Glorietta 3, and Trinoma.
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Alice Blue Candles
Photo: Daniel Lampa

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