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Pardon me for the hiatus.
It is now 7 days post surgery (the plastic kind) and I find it awfully tedious to go online.
I’ve been feeling tired, sleepy and very itchy.
Meet my best friend, Arnica gel. (Available at Healthy Options)

Arnica gel

It was recommended by a doctor friend who’s also a pole dancer in Hawaii. Arnica gel is your best friend if you’re bruised, swollen, and itchy.
But so far today I got a glimpse of my tummy and it is seriously flat. It’s gonna take 3-6 months before I see the final result, but for now I’m saying goodbye to Coke and cake.
I’m going to spare you the details of what I’ve been going through, but I do hope to gain my energy soon so I can get back to blogging regularly.
As the Japanese would say, thank you for waiting 🙂

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