A “posh” Puregold opens at Fairview Terraces
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Aside from my favorite, deserted Puregold Jr. on Pioneer Street, the only other Puregold supermarket I’ve ever been to is on Shaw Boulevard.
I get to save a lot in that branch, but I avoid that place because of all the people—mostly store owners who buy wholesale. Imagine the lines.
Interior-wise, most Puregold stores are no-nonsense supermarkets like this old one on Commonwealth.

Old puregold

This customer service counter will take you back about ten years…

Old puregold

Well, Puregold isn’t just for time warps anymore, as they recently opened a more upscale store at Fairview Terraces in Quezon City.


My friend Rem and I got a special tour from Puregold recently.
Upon seeing the lights, Rem said, “Wow. Singapore!”


The new Puregold Terraces offers a saner shopping experience to Fairview residents who prefer quality and convenience. But don’t let the interiors scare you. Prices here are same as in other Puregold branches, though its focus is more on household use.


It has a wider assortment of imported and branded items, plus full fresh operations offering Australian beef, organic products, and wide selection of cheese.

Dutch cheese

For those who love spaghetti, worry not, they have Farmer Sanchez.

Parmesan cheese

My friend Chuck swears by these Baygon dengue sprays. They are deadly!! You must plan to leave the premises after spraying. It will kill all mosquitoes and even pets! Keep away from children!! (I bought three.)

Dengue spray

If size matters to you, they have large packages of household items

Knorr mixes

This means the branch stocks a very limited assortment of sachets.
But for small business owners, Puregold Terraces also has its own Tindahan ni Aling Puring for members who want to purchase wholesale.
The checkout counters are plenty and feature good design


We spotted Jessica Zafra hoarding cat food (surprise!!)

Jessica Zafra
Cat food

Finally, these guys brought our groceries to our car. If you’re shopping at Puregold or anywhere, make sure to bring your eco-bags. Most of the time I find that I’m the only one using eco-bags.


Thank you Puregold for the tour!
Puregold Fairview Terraces is at Quirino Highway corner Maligaya Drive, Novaliches, Quezon City.
Read about Jessica Zafra’s shopping experience HERE.

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