A friendly letter to Breadtalk
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Trying to cut down on rice and Coke, I’ve recently switched to bread and freshly squeezed orange juice.
The good news is, I don’t have to fly to Hong Kong to enjoy fresh OJ everyday.
Del Monte freshly squeezed is consistently good once again.

Fresh orange juice
Fresh orange juice

The bad news is I can finish one bottle in a day and I know it’s packed with calories.
As for bread, I’ve been going to Breadtalk for baguettes, premium sliced bread, and standard sausage rolls, which my boys love.

Breadtalk standard sausage

As a frequent customer, however, I have a few suggestions on how to make the Breadtalk experience more pleasant:

1) I wish they would stop putting each piece of bread in a separate plastic bag. Imagine the repercussions (trash, flooding) of the momentary use of plastic. Can we just put like kinds of bread in one big bag? Can baguettes go in a long paper bag?
2) I saw how they “clean” the trays earlier in Megamall. One staff was hurriedly wiping trays with a rag, instead of washing them, in full view of all the customers lined up at the cashier.
The occasional dirtier tray was actually rinsed with water in a sink (no soap), again in full view of everybody. I got grossed out and left the sausages on the tray. I did buy the half loaf of bread wrapped in plastic and the baguette that didn’t touch the tray.
I wonder, instead of wrapping each bread in plastic, can they use that money instead to line the trays with paper? Or is that a waste too and could they just clean the trays more efficiently?
3) I don’t know if the lone cashier is a marketing ploy to create lines that make them look really busy with customers. But I really wish they would have two cashiers because there is always a line at Breadtalk.


That said, I am jealous and wish I owned Breadtalk and more power to them. I’ll be back.

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