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I hate to brag but I have the best friends in the world.
Friends are the family you choose, they say. My friends are mostly creative, a little bit gay, a little bit crazy or silly, mostly fashionable, and best of all, kind, loyal, smart, spiritual, talented.
I remember the first time I met Sayoko Hokazono in 2009 at Imperial Hotel in Ginza. After Tita Vicky Sales introduced us, my Tokyo was never the same again. This was Sayoko in her Aoyama store, Kikastyle.


This is her best friend, Hiko, who orders the best food in Tokyo

Sayoko and Hiko looking at the menu

We love Hiko

Sayoko and Hiko ordering

This is Sayoko’s Margielic couch at home. The throw pillows are from Kikastyle and feature photographs by her son Yu Hokazono. She taught me about decorating: “You have to mix old and new. Not all new.”

Sayoko's couch

This is Yu (left) with Youji at Galali, one of my favourite restaurants in Aoyama

YU and Yohji

Sayoko takes me to the coolest places, like Kyoichi Tzuzuki’s office

HP Deco

HP Deco



NUI Hostel

NUI Hostel bar and lounge

and everything Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons Trading Museum, Omotesando
Sayoko and I at Comme des Garçons

I can’t tell you how much Sayoko has changed my life, whether she’s buying me a pink gnome or some silly thing I need to have

Office: after

Last week my friend Jay sent me a picture he took at Comme des Garçons Aoyama.

Comme des Garçons

I was like, OMG I know that girl. She is the craziest girl in Comme des Garçons. Like cool crazy.
Jeroen took this picture of her last March

Comme des Garçons

and I actually bought the dress

Cecile van Straten

So now I became obsessed with that dress and asked Sayoko to please check it out—and she did!
Now tell me, how many of your friends would do this for you??


Sayoko is the best!
“I think it weighs 10 kg!” Sayoko texted me. It also costs 305,600 yen—way beyond my budget. Hehe.
So kids, do not worry. I am not getting the dress.
And thank you Sayoko-san! I shall see you next month!!

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