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During lunch at my parents’ house, I developed a terrific stomach ache due to anxiety and stuffing myself with chili crabs. Much as I wanted to go home and lie down, I still had some odds and ends to buy for the trip.
After lunch, the kids wanted to get hot chocolate at Seattle’s Best, so I had some time to lie down in the back of the van. Then the little one wanted to buy donuts at Krispy Kreme, Bonifacio High Street. I took it as a sign to get dropped off at Muji and check out what they have.


Luckily they still have some winter stuff—some of it on sale. I called Jeroen and asked him to go home with the kids and send the driver back because I needed to try on stuff.
Armed with two baskets full, I entered the fitting room and chose a black puffy jacket, long sleeve tees and cable knit cardigans, and the most genius pair of layered pants I’m going to wear on the plane tomorrow. I wanted to buy three pairs, but they only had one left in my size.
The pants were a bit long, so I took it to Alterations at Rustan’s supermarket in Shang, where they shortened the hem for me in one hour (more fun in the Philippines).
Went home and finished packing and even had time to watch Back To The Future with the boys. The questions they ask are so funny, I tell you. They think 1985 is so backward. I have to explain why the phones and the women’s hairstyles are so big.


Now that I’m in bed I can finally relax and show you a couple of packing videos you should see.
The first one demonstrates an expandable Tumi luggage you will love.

The next is my favorite packing video because the guy is so OC, you almost want to kick him in the ass.
But the Yoshida three-in-one split-type bag is just genius. You have you check this out. Source

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