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Don’t tell Richard, but between the two Gutierrez twins (a.k.a. The Nestlé Twins), I always found Raymond cuter—although I can’t tell who is who from this vintage photo I bought at Tiendesitas.

Found photo: Nestlé twins

Here’s how Raymond used to look back in the day: 2005 at Tim Yap’s event

Raymond Gutierrez

2006 at a dinner for Nicolas Guesquierre, Bistro Filipino

Raymond Gutierrez

2006 at Metrowear

Raymond G. at Metrowear

Then something happened: Raymond at a Pond’s event, 2010

Raymond Gutierrez

Fat or thin, Raymond remained adored by his friends and respected by colleagues. But some of his best friends—Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza and Liz Uy—felt it was time someone told he needs to lose weight.
At that time, model Georgina Wilson had enrolled herself at Belo Medical’s new Sexy Solutions program. I myself had no idea what it entailed. I just saw it mentioned a lot on Twitter. Naturally I was curious.
Yesterday the two BFFs were presented to the media in a luncheon hosted by Dr. Vicki Belo and daughter Cristalle at Essensa.
Dr. Belo holds up a sample of what a pound of fat feels like


It was passed around the guests


I can’t believe I have 15 of these (unwanted fat) in my body


Georgina (right, with host Raya Mananquil) said she signed up with Sexy Solutions to work on her problem area—her waist.


She felt especially self-conscious, having to model a swimsuit at the Bench underwear show in 2010.

Georgina Wilson

Today, Georgina says she can’t believe she has achieved a 25″ waistline.

Sexy Solutions, a subsidiary of the Belo Medical Group, is a reduction program that offers to get rid of stubborn fat through the combination of diet, exercise and modern science.
For some of us, no matter how much time we exert in eating right and working out, getting rid of those last few inches is the hardest.
Breaking through the fat loss plateau, Sexy Solutions’ first class treatments help make abs tight, thighs firm, and arms toned—without the use of invasive medicine.
Paired with an effective diet plan by Biggest Loser Philippines nutritionist Nadine Tengco and expert consultation from fitness and sports science specialist Edward Mendez, getting to and sustaining the healthier, fitter, and sexier you can become a reality.

Consultant Edward Mendez
Fitness expert Edward Mendez

Sexy Solutions offers four procedures to target fat cells using heat, ultrasound waves, and mechanical pressure:
1) Lipo Cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound to break down stubborn fat cells in common problem areas like the abdomen and thighs.
2) Multi-Firm uses radiofrequency to melt fat, tighten skin, and improve the appearance of cellulite through heat waves.
3) Body Sculpt uses a muscle energy pulse that contracts the muscle layer, causing a “squeezing” effect of the fat layer and accelerating the liquid fat drainage.
4) Tite FX is the newest and most innovative non-invasive body contouring and fat-destroying machine in the market. The Tite FX machine, using a high voltage pulse combined with radio frequency, heats up the skin to tighten and shape the body.


After only one session Raymond said he already saw a change. “Instantly, I lost 2 inches from my midsection. Of course, it’s up to you to maintain it. For me, it was a combination of diet, exercise, and regular treatments at Sexy Solutions.
The treatments are painless because of the amazing new technology they have. But more than anything, it’s really the people behind it. It’s so easy to lose momentum when you’re trying to lose weight. But the staff really took care of me and encouraged me. I feel like I’m part of this new family and I’ll be forever grateful.”
Raymond Before & After

Watch this—the dimples are back!

Gerogina also saw immediate results and got hooked.
“Areas I had practically given up on were immediately smaller. I couldn’t believe the measurements after the first time because they were so drastic. I loved it right away.
Sexy Solutions has been a large part of my commitment to fitness. I’m so happy because I feel like I have a partner in losing weight and maintaining my ideal body. It doesn’t all happen in the Sexy Solutions clinics—exercising and dieting are integral to the program, but I definitely feel like we’re all working towards the same goal: a body I am happy with. Sexy Solutions is my secret weapon to getting sexy and most importantly, staying sexy.”

Georgina Wilson

Sexy Solutions is offered at:
• Suite 912 Medical Plaza Building, Amorsolo corner Dela Rosa Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati (Tel. 0917-860-5120)
• Unit 23 G/F South of Market Residences, 26th corner 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (Tel. 0917-867-1329)

Opening soon by March 2012:
• Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
• Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City

To know more, call 810-SEXY(7399) or go to

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